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    1. NYSAMCC, Inc.

      The New York State Association of Magistrate’s Court Clerks will annually award full and partial scholarship packages to attend the Association's Annual Fall Conference. Interested applicants must be the designated and appointed Court Clerk for either the Town or Village Court within New York State and must be financially unable to attend the Conference by virtue of no municipal funding. Only one applicant per Court can apply, any previous winners will be reconsidered after a 5 year waiting period. The applicant need not be a member of this Association, but should be prepared to be approached about such membership.

      The application should be completed and acknowledged by the applicant, complete with all required attachments, and submitted electronically.

      Please be aware that on page 2, you will be asked to attach a recommendation letter from your Judge and a letter from the Chief Fiscal Officer of your municipality to verify non-municipal funding. It will be helpful for you to have those documents ready prior to filling out the application. They should be scanned and ready to be uploaded as a PDF document.

      The successful applicants will be notified by the Scholarship Committee, in writing, prior to the training event. Only completed applications will be considered. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to disregard any incomplete applications without prior notice to the applicant.

      The decision of the Board of Directors will be considered final and will not be subject to any review or appeal process. In keeping with the mission of our organization, we offer this scholarship to further the education of Town and Village Court Clerks throughout the State of New York.

      Please read and complete the application below.

      We realize that these training events have been a vital training tool in the past and we only wish to ensure the continued training of all Court Clerks across New York State. We have added additional questions to allow us to possibly provide a Scholarship to more Applicants. Your answers will not affect our decisions. We anticipate several applications to be submitted, so please be accurate and precise in your application.

    2. Please provide a number you can be reached at every day in the event there are questions about your application.
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    4. Are you a member of the NYSAMCC, Inc?*
    5. Have you attended any prior Conferences?*
    6. Are you a member of your County Association?
    7. Have you attended any district training sessions?*
    8. If you were granted a partial scholarship, would your municipality be willing to pay a portion?*
    9. If you were granted a scholarship, are you willing to share a room with another scholarship applicant?*
    10. Is your town willing to pay for your transportation to and from the conference?*
    11. Does your municipality support your attendance at training sessions?*